Who are we?

We are Missionary Sisters with a Vocation to work for Unity.  We are:

  • Women of faith who live a life of Contemplation in Action
  • Driven by a love of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Church (to be deepened continually and taken “to the world”)
  • Living in International and Intergenerational Communities
  • With an ardent desire for the Coming of God’s Kingdom
  • Open to the modern world with a Passion for Mission
  • In collaboration with our Brothers: The Augustinians of the Assumption  (with whom we share the same Founder)
  • Faithful to the spirit of our Founder, Emmanuel d’Alzon, we aim to live this mission as ‘daughters of the Church’ and ‘workers for Unity’ who seek the Glory of God and the realisation of the ultimate desire of Christ:  “May they be One”.

Ecumenism and Inter-Faith dialogue are, therefore, foremost in all that we do.