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Seven intelligent mountain girls with little formal education began a missionary adventure in 1868. They " left their boats" and headed for Bulgaria where their mission was to work for Unity between Rome and the Orthodox world - but with the words of Emmanuel d'Alzon ringing in their ears - that their mission should continue as far as the " Great Walls of China"- in other words to the whole known world!

Adapting from teaching poor village children to the opening of field hospitals during the Balkan wars, they continued with courage and imagination to the point that the Oblates of the Assumption work today in 26 countries across 4 continents - having opened three communities in China in 2014 fulfilling the prophesy of their founder Venerable Emmanuel d'Alzon.

Silenced by the Communist regime for 40 years, they survived prison and some lived clandestinely to "rise again" with new vigour at the fall of the regime.
Adapting to the needs in different mission fields we continue to work alongside our Assumptionist Brothers. We teach, nurse, work in speech therapy, radiology, rural development, journalism, radio - in short use any skills we have as a means of working for the "Coming of the Kingdom".
" What foolishness to dare this with a handful of poor girls!
God uses all sorts of means and will use even you" . (Emmanuel d'Alzon to the first Oblates)
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Korean Sisters

The First Sisters set out on their Mission
 Congo Orphanage

The Children in the Congo Orphanage